Electronic Data Interchange

1 EDI Source

Make it easy to automate transactions while integrating different systems into one platform with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) from 1EDISource. This innovative platform provides a comprehensive solution with mapping and translation as well as complete data encryption.

Secure Exchange of Documents

Choose the product that fits your needs, whether you’re looking for an for a small or medium-sized business, analytics tools or data encryption software to meet compliance standards. Choose a managed EDI or web-based product to allow for secure exchange of documents.

When selecting an EDI product, you must consider the transaction network that sends and receives the transactions. You want a secure, fast network that is also reliable. EDI mapping makes it easy to sync your accounting system to the customer. You also want ongoing technical support and maintenance to reduce downtime and keep your system up and running.

Reduce the Risk for Human Error

Using the right EDI system improves accuracy by reducing the risk for human error. Companies won’t need to rely on staff manually inputting data. It also increases the processing speed, which can improve

order-to-shipment cycles and enhance customer satisfaction. The end result is improved relationships with your customers and increased loyalty. With a cost-effective, secure system in place, you can focus more on customer service and innovation with your business to improve the bottom line.

With in-house support and training, you can feel confident about integrating the EDI platform with your business. Automation allows your staff to spend their time focusing on more important tasks. You also avoid over stocking or under stocking inventory with an automated EDI system. Never miss out on a sale with visibility into the statuses of all your transactions.

Cut costs by using automatic EDI to process your orders. Fewer worries about mistakes in order processing and shorter timelines mean happier customers and more sales. Find out how an EDI can enhance your business no matter what size or what industry.

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