Customer satisfaction has always been important to a business, but today it’s critical to the success of a company. Talkdesk provides a way for you to take your call center to the next level. With the use of innovative technology and numerous features, you can cut costs while allowing agents to respond to calls from anywhere.

Talkdesk allows your agents to connect to the platform from anywhere.

It provides them with first-rate tools to help them engage with callers and provide the solutions they need. Never worry about call quality or downtime with Talkdesk, which is not only 100 percent secure but also provides 100 percent uptime. No downtime means fewer unhappy customers and no loss of revenue from the inability to accept calls.

Customize the contact center to fit your business with automated services when appropriate. Chatbots can be customized while virtual voice agents reduce the wait time for some customers.

Allowing call center agents the ability to work from home can improve productivity and employee satisfaction. Working in a contact center can be stressful, which is why providing a benefit like remote work can improve employee morale and reduce turnover, which is often high in this industry. Talkdesk even helps you hire certified agents and supervisors who are already trained in the technology. This option is ideal for the new business or the company that is expanding its contact center.

Manage your workforce more efficiently by forecasting high-volume call times.

This platform even automates scheduling to ensure adequate coverage when you need it to improve operations. Use the system to evaluate agents and help them improve their calls with feedback which provides action steps and valuable information.

Talkdesk works as a mobile agent, which allows employees to work after hours or on the go with their mobile device. This feature ensures continuity of business no matter the time of day or location of the agent. Assist your agents with a virtual assistant that provides information and recommendations based on real-time customer interaction.

Talkdesk is easily customizable with the features you need, and it grows with you as your contact center expands.

No longer are you bound by the limits of time or location when you use Talkdesk for your business.

To find out more about this contact center platform or to get it added to your business, contact Software Results. We want to help your business succeed with the latest and best in software products and platforms.

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