Gmail Helpdesk


Hiver makes it incredibly easy to transform your Gmail account into a fully functional helpdesk using the same features you already know and love. Hiver isn't trying to reinvent the wheel, Hiver is just making the wheel better. Let Software Results get Hiver up and running for your business today!

Hiver's Features

Shared Inbox

When emails come in, instantly assign tasks, owners so you can stay on top of things.

Team Labels

Share emails with selective team members with assigning labels. Keep everyone in the loop.

Ensure Quality

Managers and supervisors can follow email threads to ensure communication quality.

Quick Tracking

Track all conversations easily with ticket numbers assigned to each conversation started.

Email Templates

Stop creating the same response time and time again with templates. Create once and go!


No more cc's and bcc's, simple @mention a team member and write notes about a ticket.

On the Go

Even if you're mobile, Hiver makes it easy to stay on top of things with their easy to use app.

Workload Balance

Hiver makes it easy to spread the support load across your entire team to reduce burnout.


Set up rule based and body content automation so the right tickets get to the right place.

SLA & Hours

Set up deadlines and business hours so tickets coming in are handled in a timely manner.

AI Easy

Use Hiver's AI to summarize tickets into notes, and intelligently close tickets that are complete.


Hiver let's you communicate with customers seamlessly via email, chat, voice, and WhatsApp.

Hiver = Simple

If you know Google Workspace, you know Hiver. Gmail is known for its intuitive interface that makes email communications easy. Hiver takes it to the next level and transforms it into a robust communications machine. Interested in Hiver? We can help!

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