Hiring the best talent is critical to a business’ success.

While finding the best candidates may be the first challenge, it’s also

important to be able to track information, schedule interviews, and review applications.

Track Key Metrics for Successful Hiring

Ensure you’re hiring the most qualified people with PCRecruiter. Capture information you find from websites to store on your system as you research potential candidates or jobs. HR managers can use tools to track applicants while creating talent pools and posting jobs. The platform makes it easy to track key metrics for more successful hiring along with creating questionnaires for candidates.

The features of this system help staffing agencies, HR managers, and permanent staffers find and track potential candidates in a timely manner. With customizable features, you can adjust the system to meet your needs. You can also enter open positions into the program, which will send alerts to the proper channels and the receiver can post the job or reject it.

Track efficiency and hiring success with HR reports. From simple reports to custom options, you can get the information you need to improve in your recruiting process. You can create dropdown lists, checkboxes and more to track specific data.

Secure and Easy to Use

This program features Drag and Drop ability to move the most qualified applicants through the interview process. It also works with CareerBuilder and TextKernel to identify the best candidates and list positions they may be best suited for. Manage EEO information on each applicant for easier reporting. You can also search resumes and notes for relevant data while creating electronic versions of often used forms. This can make the hiring process move along faster as you provide e-forms to candidates or new hires.

You can feel confident about the security level of this program. No information is shared, and the latest tools are incorporated to ensure no one has access to what is often private and confidential information.

Because the forms and fields are generally customizable, it allows PCRecruiter to work for a wide range of industries and all sizes of companies. Make recruiting and hiring the best applicants easier than ever with a program that works with your needs.

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