Demand Solutions

Keeping track of the supply chain is critical for a business to succeed in today’s economy. Demand Solutions provides a complete solution to automate the digital supply chain for companies. It utilizes AI and advanced analytics to improve management and puts information into action.

Automate planning while speeding up cycle times and managing costs.

Even if your organization has a supply chain system in place, chances are pretty good that it doesn’t operate fast enough to keep up with businesses in today’s world. A digital supply chain platform can function at the speed of the business while being transparent.

While Demand Solutions provides one platform, it realizes that implementation is unique to each business. Every company has its own challenges, which is why methods for implementation are structured to meet individual requirements for clients. Implementation includes the initiation of the project, the design and execution of the platform, validation, and deployment. Continued support is essential to ensure any issues or concerns are addressed right away for minimal impact to the company.

A tailored approach to implementation ensures each client’s needs are met. Employees are trained to feel comfortable using the system to reduce the beginning learning curve and speed up implementation while helping them learn new techniques that are beneficial to the organization.

Demand Solutions is owned by Demand Management, which is headquartered in St. Louis, MO and was founded in 1985. With over 35 years of experience in managing the supply chain, Demand Solutions offers innovative technology to reduce costs while providing exceptional customer service.

Optimization based on the company’s needs

This platform meets the needs of customers in various industries, including the following:

• Food & Beverage

• Retail

• Wholesale distribution

• Apparel

• Aftermarket parts

• Durable goods

• Electronics


• Life sciences

• General manufacturing

• Federal/public sector

Demand Solutions provides optimization based on the company’s needs, from demand optimization to inventory, to supply to retail optimization. Data management and analytics ensure you have the information you need when you need it to make the best decisions.

If you want to know more about Demand Solutions and how to implement it into your company, contact Software Results today.

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