ESET Endpoint Protection

ESET provides top of the line internet security for businesses of all sizes regardless of which operating system is used. You can use ESET on Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux devices to keep data safe.

ESET uses a multilayered approach.

ESET uses a multilayered approach to security to protect from malware, cyberattacks and other threats. These programs automatically evaluate potential threats with minimal false positives. This product has a low impact on networks, so they continue to work efficiently with no delays.

For the small office, an all-in-one solution is often the best option which protects the workstations along with the server and mobile devices. Small office solutions are those for under 250 seats. A mid-size business is defined as 251 to 999 seats. A security management center provides management for all endpoints to improve security. A single console takes care of the servers, workstations and mobile devices. It’s easy to add or remove a device to protect network security. For an enterprise, which is more than 1,000 seats, innovative solutions keep the business on the forefront of the industry with technology.

ESET provides a variety of products based on the requirements and recommendations for the industry.

For instance, antivirus and anti-malware is required for companies that take credit cards. Encryption is required if your business is in the healthcare industry. Two-factor authentication is required for businesses that take credit cards but also recommended for medical companies.

Ransomware shield is designed to block suspicious activity and send alerts. You can also choose between cloud-based management or on-site solutions. Flexible reporting and a complete network visibility make it easy for the midsized company to monitor all endpoints.

Customizable and Affordable for all Budgets

With ESET, you choose the level and type of protection you need, making it customizable and affordable for all budgets. For example, you can select endpoint protection, mobile protection, file server security and more options. Add direct endpoint management plug-ins or remote monitoring plug-ins.

Save even more by bundling your solutions to fit your company’s specific and unique needs. You can find out more about which products are right for your business when you contact Software Results.

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